The 10 Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

The 10 Most Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A lot of diseases have been transmitted by sexual life. They are also one of parts of sex, both of men and women will can get them. They affect patients’ health and there are some diseases never treat completely. But some people do not know about it because of their short of knowledge. That means they can spread the diseases for their partners not on the purpose. When getting knowledge about these sexual transmitted diseases (STD), they can control them in many ways such as medications or natural treatments.  So let find out the 10 most common STD.

1. Human Papilloma virus (HPV)

It is common transmitted by sexual infection. According to Centers for Disease and Prevention in 2017, there are about 38,900 new cases of cancer that HPV cause. And it causes about 31,500 cases of the cancer. This figure also has been increased recently. this virus is spread through vaginal and anal sex, or oral sex. Although some people do not have any symptoms or health problem, it usually has specific symptoms such as:

– having genital warts, mouth and throat wart

– fleshy colored swellings and cauliflower shape in genital area

– uncomfortable and itching in genital area, even bleeding during intercourse. It can cause cancer of cervix, penis, mouth and throat.

Once you get some of these symptoms, should go to the hospital and get tested. For patients get HPV without symptoms, they need to go to the hospital too. This way can help them prevent this disease before it has worsen. In some cases that warts are caused by HPV, you can apply VidaroX to treat.

2. Chlamydia

This disease is one of the common STD. About 1 out of 15 sexual active teenager girls have chlamydia infection , especially girls in the age from 15- 24 . This virus can enter the body by oral sex, virginal or anal sex as well. But 75% of women and 50% of men with chlamydia have no signs or symptoms. The most common symptoms of this STD are:

– pain in the lower abdominal region or during urination

– pain when having sex, itching or burning in or around vagina and penis as well

– abdominal pain with fever and pain and swelling around the testicles

– For women, it can be caused childless situation if the treatment cannot be received

Chlamydia is caused by bacteria, so it is treated by antibiotics, this disease can be cleared in one or two weeks. After you are treated, you should go to the hospital to get retested in three months.

3. Genital herpes

It causes pain in genital area. It is caused by two different viruses, they are virus HSV type 1 and the other is HSV type 2, but usually caused by HSV 2. The disease is transmitted easily. It is spread through skin to skin or sex without condom. Some patients with herpes do not have any noticeable symptoms, but others have many signs. When this virus enters the body, after a few days (usually from 3-7 days), it begins to show some symptoms:

– itching and comfortable in genital area

– blisters can be appeared, pain during urination and flu with fever

– muscle aches, anorexia or fatigue

Because herpes is a virus, it cannot be treat completely. But you can use medicines, antiviral creams like ProsurX,  Famciclovir, Acyclovir and to control it. Besides, you should practice safe sex to avoid spreading if you get the disease .

4. Gonorrhea

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 700,000 new cases of Gonorrhea every year. It is another common bacterial STD, is caused by Neisseria gonorrhoea bacteria. Gonorrhea can enter the body though anal, oral and vaginal sex without condom. People who do not wear a condom have a highest risk of contagion. Most men with gonorrhea get signs or symptoms, but only about 20% of women do. But, some people never have any special symptoms. It is more likely to spread the infection to another partners when they do not have special symptoms.

Symptoms usually occur within 2 to 14 days after getting this bacteria. Typically, men is often a burning or painful during urination, the symptoms can be greater frequency. A pus from the penis, blisters or redness at the head of the penis and a sore throat. In some cases, it maybe continue to ruin to the body, especially the urethra and testicles. For women, they intend to be mild or like other infections, it is difficult to realize, but some symptoms include:

– pain or burning while urination

– urination’s need more frequently

– sore throat

– pain when having sex and fever

Patients with gonorrhea usually have treatment with an antibiotics. You will feel relief within days of treatment. The safest way to prevent this disease is using condom when having sex, and avoiding bad sexual life

5. Syphilis

It is one of the common STD, it can be caused serious health problem if there is no treatment. It passes from one person to another through sexual contact. The symptoms of syphilis are different from each stage. It can be hair loss, or harmless bump in the first stage. The second stage begins with a rash on the body and has sores in mouth, vagina or anus. In the late stage, it can damage organs and cause problems in your brain and heart. To treat syphilis, patients will use antibiotics, the more treatment starts, the more quickly patients get.

6. Trichomoniasis

Like other STDs, it is transmitted through sexual intercourse. It is estimated that approximately 85 out of 1,000 Americans women have it. Some of sign and symptoms of this disease include:

– itching and irritation

– smelly, clear, white or greenish discharge

– pain during urination.

However, most men typically do not have any symptoms. This disease can be treated with antibiotics. It is necessary to be retested within three months or treatment, even if your partner has been treated as well.

7. Bacteria Vaginosis ( BV)

It is disease that most women get several times a year during their reproductive life. BV occurs when healthy bacteria in the vagina overgrow and become imbalanced and the symptoms including a burning sensation during urination, vaginal discharge, itching in the genital area, Unpleasant smell coming from the vagina. Unpleasant smell coming from the vagina. Antibiotics will quickly clear up BV but it can reoccur.

8. Crabs/ Public Lice

Crabs are a form of lice that live on the hair in the genital area and other hair area of the body such as armpits or eyebrows. They are usually transmitted by sexual contact and using the item together such as towels or clothes. If you feel creepy- crawly and itchy strongly, you may have crabs (public lice). The symptoms include itching in the genital area and visible lice or egg. One of the treatments is using DEP to apply the lice area.

9. Hepatitis A, B, C

It is estimated that about 5-6% of the American population. It affects an individual’s liver. This disease cannot showed noticeable symptoms. But still having some signs to realize including: yellowing of the white part of the eyes as well as skin, high fever, itching and fatigue. Muscle pain, abdominal uncomfortable around the liver area. It is important to go and test for any of the hepatitis viruses because some of them remain in the body a long time and not show signs.


HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and it is the virus that causes AIDS. This disease can be spread through exchange of body such as semen, vaginal sex, blood and breast milk. When getting this virus within one or two months, 40-90% patients are afflicted suffer including:

– high fever

– fatigue

– muscle ache, sore throat

– headache, skin rash, swollen lymph glands

– rapid weight loss and coughing and shortness of breath.


This disease cannot be treated by drug, luckily, some people who are diagnosed early can live a long time because of a combination good habit in life and drug therapy


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