HPV Is Linked to Cancers

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most sexually transmitted diseases. It becomes the noticeable illness because of its dangers. HPV doesn’t only cause more discomfort in life but also can be life-threatening. It’s estimated that more than 20 million people in the US get this disease. And about 79 million people are infected HPV currently. Not only that, it’s one of the reasons that lead to many cancers.

There are a lot of HPV viruses, most of them are harmless but others cause many health problems in the body. With low-risk HPV viruses, they usually cause warts in the skin of hands, chest, feet or genital area, and they rarely cause cancer. But, with high risk HPV viruses, they are connected with cancers in both men and women. The common high risk viruses are HPV 16 and HPV 18. HPV infection is too common, and everyone has an equal chance of contracting it. In most people, the infection can go away on its own. But sometimes, it doesn’t go away and exists in the body forever. If the chronic infection is caused by high risk viruses, people can get cancer over time.

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A lot of people don’t know how they can get this infection because it doesn’t cause any symptoms. But, people can get HPV by many reasons. The virus can be spread to another person by skin contact during unprotected sex. The main ways to get HPV through sex are anal, vaginal and oral sex. Besides, when touching hurt of infected person or kissing, people still get HPV. Using toilet seats in public places, sharing utensils and wearing clothes together also raise chances to acquire this infection.

Cancers are linked to HPV infections

Although HPV doesn’t lead to cancer directly, it causes changes in the cells that can make cancers. Very few people with an HPV infection will grow cancer, but it still has some cases of cancer that are found HPV virus. Here are some cancers can be affected by HPV virus.

Cervical cancer. This cancer is one of the dangerous diseases that can lead to death. It’s caused by irregular cells on the cervix which cannot be managed. Cervical cancer occurs in women at the age of 35-55. It’s estimated that there are more than 12,000 cases of cervical cancer in the US by the end of 2017. It rarely happens for women under 20 years old. Although this disease can cause death, it’s still treated successfully once realizing its symptoms early. And the best method that help find out the cancer is Pap test. Thus, women should check their health regularly to prevent some dangerous illnesses.

Vaginal cancer. It’s a type of cancer that forms in the vaginal tissue of women. This cancer isn’t common, but it still affects 2,000 women in America per year. Even though the cancer is caused by a lot of different causes, most vaginal cancer contain HPV. According to CDC, 75% of vaginal cancers are connected with HPV. It doesn’t cause symptoms in early stage. But one of the most common signs of vaginal cancer is bleeding after sex.

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Vulvar cancer. It’s the cancer in the vulva. This cancer is less common cancer than cervical cancer. It’s occurred when abnormal tissue cells grow out of control. Vulvar cancer affects the outer lips of the vagina. It usually develops slowly. In early stages, the cancer doesn’t cause any signs. Once symptoms occur, they can be itching in the vulvar area, abnormal bleeding, pain with urination and pain in the vulvar area. Thus, women should ask their doctor when having these signs. Early treatment can prevent the cancer become worse.

Penile cancer. It occurs in men and can be caused when cells starts to develop out of control. Almost all penile cancers begin under the foreskin of the penis, they can be noticed early. Most often, the first symptoms of this cancer is a change in the skin of the penis. Also, some symptoms include a lump on the penis, a reddish rash and smelly discharge under fore skin.


Anal cancer.  HPV affects all squamous cell cancer of the anus, so both men and women can have it. There are 7,210 cases of anal cancer and about 950 people die in 2014, according to American Cancer Society. Anal cancer sometimes doesn’t cause any symptoms at all. But, the first sign of this cancer is bleeding. And there are some important signs of this disease, including: rectal itching and bleeding, pain in the anal area, or a lump at the anal opening.

Throat cancer. It refers to cancer of the vocal cords, voice box and other parts of the throat. Most cancers found in the back of the throat are related to HPV. And this cancer is most common in men. Although HPV is the reason of this diseases, it can be caused by a lot of other causes. Smoking, poor dental hygiene or excessive alcohol consumption may be the causes of throat cancer. When getting this disease, people have some symptoms like: weight loss, sore throat, a change in your voice and cough up blood.

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How can avoid HPV infection

People can find many ways to protect themselves and their partners. HPV vaccines are beneficial for everyone. All HPV vaccines can prevent low risk and high risk HPV viruses effectively. To work best, people at the age from 11-26 should get HPV vaccines. Besides, the way people find out their disease is to get tested. It’s because some people don’t have any signs or symptoms, even when they get HPV. That’s why they need to get tested regularly to find out the disease as soon as possible. And this way can also decrease the cancers of HPV.

HPV is transmitted to another person during sex. Thus, to avoid it, people should use a condom from start to the end. Even though a condom cannot protect from getting HPV totally, it reduces the danger to get HPV. Besides, they need to limit their sexual partners.



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